2011 6u Dominic Ursetta
2007 - 2008 Highlights
#6 Dominic Ursetta Late Model 6u WIN!
Late Model
Photo by:
Joe Starr 

#6 Dom Late Model CNS
Making the move to Asphalt! Pepsi Labor Day Shoot out at CNS 
Dom brings home an impressive 10th place finish in his 1st Late Model Asphalt Race
#6u Dominic Ursetta Asphalt Modified
#6u Modified Asphalt 6u WIN!
Photos Courtesy
6u Modified Asphalt
Modified from dirt to Asphalt at CNS what a great race!
We would like to thank Joe James Jr., Jerry Robertson and Richard Burton for helping us out
and for their priceless knowledge of the sport!
Special Thanks to John Gerloff of USA Engines making sure we are hitting top performance!
We would also like to thank Scotty and the entire crew at CNS for their hospitality!
Saturday August 9th 2008 Dom wins first Annual
I-76 Speedway Modified 100 lap
Main Event  6u WIN!
 #6u Dominic Ursetta WIN!
6u Dominic Ursetta Mod-50 Draw WIN! May 25th 2008 I-76 Speedway
Second consecutive Mod-50 Draw WIN!
at I-76 Speedway!

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September 1st 2007 I-76 Speedway
Mod 50- Draw Feature Event WIN!

URSETTA WINS BIG! at I-76 Speedway
Feature WIN!
IN CAR In Car Heat Race Win May 17th I-76 Speedway

Rookie of the year
 Dom - 2008 BST Rookie of the year
Feature WIN! September 8th 2007 I-76 Speedway
Dom wins second consecutive Feature Event!