2011 6u Dominic Ursetta
2009 Highlights
Las Vegas Motor Speedway 2009 November 12th - 14th 2009
The biggest race of the year!

264 cars from 24 states
4 Canadian provinces
Dominic places 4th!

14th WIN 2009 Dominic Ursetta
13th WIN 2009
12th WIN 2009
2009 11th WIN!
10th WIN 2009
2009 8th WIN
2009 6th WIN!
5th WIN 2009
4th WIN 2009
2009 Mod 50 Draw WIN!
May 9th 2009
I-76 Speedway, Fort Morgan CO.
Main Event WIN!
Happy Mother's Day!
Check out the video 

Photo by: Phil Pietrowski
6u Dominic Ursetta Mothers Day WIN!
6u Dominic Ursetta Beatrice Spring Nationals 4th 2009 IMCA Spring Nationals
Beatrice Speedway
4th place
Main Event Finish!